6 Majestic Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Revolutionary Chrome Extensions

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

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I use more than 20 Chrome extensions in my day-to-day as a developer.

They make my life easier and add a lot of value to my life.

Programmers often continue to receive recommendations on different types of tools. But one thing that bothers me is that we keep getting the same tool recommendations.

Here I have compiled a list of seven revolutionary Chrome extensions that only a few people talk about.

1. Wappalyzer

Photo from Wappalyzer Extension
  • With Wappalyzer you can do an analysis of what kind of technologies your competitor’s website is using.
  • Wappalyzer is not like other basic frame detectors. It is capable of analyzing more than a thousand technologies that have more than a dozen subcategories.
  • These categories include various types of programming languages. Also, the payment processor is used by your competitor’s website.
  • Any random frame detector can give you only a broad category, but it won’t give you the details that this extension can give you. Your device can even use this extension even when it is not connected to the Internet.

2. Fake Filler

Photo from Fake Filler Extension
  • What a productivity booster this Chrome extension is! With Fake Filler which has 100k users, you can fill out forms on your website.
  • It will generate fake data for you so that you can quickly fill in forms. The false data that is generated is totally random. You do not have to do anything.
  • This extension helps you eliminate the need to manually fill out forms. You need to make zero-configuration adjustments.

3. CSS-Viewer

Photo From CSSViewer Extension
  • As web developers, we are constantly concerned with CSS. Many times what we want is to design elements like our competitor’s website. But to do that we need to invest a lot of time.
  • With CSSViewer which has more than 100k users, you can find applied CSS properties on different websites easily.
  • When you hover over the different elements, this extension will automatically show you the CSS properties applied on it.
  • To use this extension, some permissions will be required from you.

4. Daily.dev

Photo from daily.dev Extension
  • This is an excellent Chrome extension. As developers, we always needed a tool that can have all the news for developers.
  • With daily.dev extension all kinds of developer news can be found in one place. This extension will provide you with news from more than 400 sources.
  • Once you install this extension, I’m sure you won’t miss any news about what’s happening in the developer industry.
  • No sign-up is required to use this extension. It is completely free and 100% open source. You can also earn ranks by reading valuable articles.

5. Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker

Photo from Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker
  • With Toggl Track a developer could track their time properly.
  • Time tracking by this extension is kept in your Toggl account. You can directly access your valuable developer time with your Toggl account.
  • Tools like Jira, Slack, Trello, and over 100 other tools are available. If you want to follow the pomodoro technique, this extension can also help you follow it.

6. AdGuard AdBlocker

Photo from AdGuard AdBlocker
  • With AdGuard AdBlocker you can block ads. Ads from Facebook, Youtube and other random websites can be blocked.
  • As web developers, in our daily work, we use many websites, either looking to fix a bug or trying to understand a topic. Since the ads are blocked, the loading speed of the website increases.
  • This extension also helps protect your privacy by blocking many ads.

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